SDGPT is proud to present Latitude 65 as a tour partner. This partnership will make Latitude 65 the official beverage sponsor for the tour!
The Swedish company based out in northern Sweden in Jörn produces their own functional drink.

For all players of the SDGPT and SDGAT will receieve free delicious Latitude 65 beverages on all the event, big thanks to Latitude 65!

Michael Bui – Tour Director
“I’m really excited about this new partnership with Latitude 65. We are in a similar growth – the start of our journey and I do believe we can grow strong together. My personal goal is to help Latitude 65 to become the official disc golf beverage in Sweden and then further as the company grows outside of Sweden as well. With this new partnership i’m expecting to see Latitude 65 all over social media, on the courses and in store!”

Alexander Harpa – Founder & Co-owner
“We are really excited to be a part of SDGPT as the official beverage sponsor. Disc golf is a sport that is growing very quickly and has a wonderful community, therefore it feels natural from us to participate and invest in the sport”


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