The Swedish Disc Golf Pro Tour has signed a tour partnership with the Paul McBeth Foundation. This partnership is all about growth of the sport, supporting the charity works of Paul McBeth Foundation and expanding the word of the charity. With this new partnership we are hoping to expand the awareness in Europe and Sweden in particular with supporting fans. We are more than happy to offer this opportunity for both of our organizations. Expect to see Paul with some charity fundraiser events this summer in Sweden!

Michael Bui – Tour Director
“I attended a breakfast seminar with Paul McBeth and Nate Heinhold. Their story and impact on the sport touched me and I knew directly I wanted to offer a helping hand through the SDGPT. With Pauls presence in Sweden and Europe this year and our new found partnership with Discraft I do believe this all ties together full circle in order to become a very successful partnership. My personal goal is that we can raise 100.000$ to the charity. “

Dustin Leatherman – Executive Director
In 2022 we tackled our first European project, and that opened the door to our second project in Madrid, Spain in 2023.  We are excited about the opportunities to continue to carry out our mission in Europe, and the timing could not be better to partner with the Swedish Pro Tour.  We are so grateful for their support, and look forward to working together to bring the joy of disc golf to the world!”

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