We are happy to announce that Tjing is extending their partnership with SDGPT and SDGAT as the official app for registration and scoring. Tjing is by far the most popular app for handling disc golf events – all from registration to scoring and exporting the results to PDGA. With this partnership and the SDGPT extension outside of Sweden we hope to spread the word of the app outside of Sweden, growing together!

Michael Bui, Tour Director SDGPT:
“I’ve always been a personal fan of Tjing, Their app is evolving at a rapid pace and it’s just a matter of time before more TDs outside of Sweden see the potential of having a complete app for registration and scoring at one place. I’m very impresed by their quick responses in support and requests for new features. I’m excited for this extension and spreading the word of Tjing to the rest of the world.”

 Håkan Johansson, Co-founder Tjing:
We’re thrilled to extend our partnership with SDGPT for another year. It’s impressive to see how their wide variation of events, and player lists keep growing both in size and numbers each year. Being their continued trusted digital partner will continue to help our common goal to grow together and expand across new territories. We can’t wait to serve the greater disc golf community with a user-friendly way to experience all the SDGPT action live, on and off the course.


Tjing branding at Discgolfterminalen Open in 2022.

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