January 5th 2024: With the new collaboration with the Swedish Disc Golf Association (Svenska Discgolfförbundet) we are pleased to announce a joint effort with the SDGPT and SDGNT.

The points structures in the tour remains the same as previously with the following table:

Event Type Points Weight Number of Events Counting Towards Points Series Total Points available
SDGNT 50% Best 2 out of 4 100
SDGPT 100% Best 4 out of 7 500*
SDGAT 100% Best 4 out of 7 500*

MPO and FPO divisions can receive a maximum of 600 points throughout the season.

Amateurs playing SDGAT can receive a maximum of 500 points.

More detailed information on how the points are calculated, see this post: https://swedishprotour.se/standings/

* The last event of the year, Heatland Open will reward double points.

Tour points standings

In previous years, the tour points standings were crucial in determining the seeding for players qualifying for the SDGPT Championships. This year, we’re introducing a significant change: the final event of the season, the Heatland Open, will offer double points, with the first place winner receiving 200 points. These tour points will play an important role in determining the rewards players receive at the end of the season.


For the 2024 season the following division will be offered on SDGPT, SDGNT and SDGAT.
SDGNT: MPO, FPO, MJ18, FJ18, MP40, FP40 and MP50.
SDGAT: MA1, MA2, MA3, MA4, FA1, FA3

The available spots per division are unique per event. Both the MPO and FPO division will have a tiered registration – these are the recommendations:

DivisionStageRating requirementRecommended time available
SDGPT MPOStage 1970Two weeks after registration opening
SDGPT MPOStage 2950Four weeks after registration opening
SDGPT MPOStage 3940Eight weeks after registration opening
SDGPT MPOStage 4900Two weeks before registration closing
SDGPT FPOStage 1870Two weeks after registration opening
SDGPT FPOStage 2850Four weeks after registration opening
SDGPT FPOStage 3No rating requirementEight weeks after registration opening
SDGNT MPO/FPOStage 1TBAMonday, three months before event.
SDGNT MPO/FPOStage 2TBAFriday Week 1
SDGNT MPO/FPOStage 3TBAMonday Week 2
SDGNT MPO/FPOStage 4TBAFriday Week 2
SDGNT MPO/FPOStage 5TBAMonday Week 3
SDGNT MPO/FPOStage 6TBAFriday Week 3

An exception to this rule applies to tour pass card holders, who are granted priority in registration and assured a guaranteed spot in all events, effectively bypassing the standard rules.

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