January 12th 2024: With the upsurge and the constant effort to improve the quality for our professional events we want to ensure that best possible player amenities and services. With this we are introducing the Tour Pass 2024.

For the SDGPT we will be offering a maximum of 40 tour passes to be sold. A minimum rating requirement to purchase these is 950.

SDGPT/SDGAT Tour Pass Features

  • Guaranteed spot in all SDGPT/SDGAT events.
  • Free access to your player photos.
  • Free access to our new premium warm-up and cooling down-station.
  • One free meal per day.
  • Free goodie bag containing bars, snacks and other small items.
  • Designated contact & enhanced direct communications group.
  • Priority on press such as social media posts, reels and feature cards.
  • Other perks such as discounts, perks and inclusions.
Estimated value is 6300 SEK for the season.

Refund policy

No refund after the first event has played.

Cost and purchase
A tour pass for the season is priced at 2099 SEK. Please note that the pass does not cover event entry fees, which are charged separately.

Tour pass can be purchased here:

Please note the minimum rating requirements:
MPO 940+
FPO 830+
AMs no requirements

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